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V.Gnovel Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School – Chapter 1913 – Ji Wenna Pretends to Be Unconscious risk great suggest-p1
Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

NovelReincarnation Of The Businesswoman At SchoolReincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School
Chapter 1913 – Ji Wenna Pretends to Be Unconscious scintillating penitent
Although Piece of music Miaoge was stronger, she didn’t have numerous helpers, while Ji Wenna possessed four together with her and so they were definitely all capable of struggling. Ji Wenna assumed only Song Miaoge could overcome, so she was certain that they may acquire.
Ji Wenna pa.s.sed out, so if they proceed?
Gu Ning didn’t care, but was adamant, “No make a difference what, you should match the binding agreement today, in any other case, you can’t abandon right here on your own legs.”
Ji Wenna’s buddies were definitely struck dumb via the world, then discovered she was just pretending to be unconscious.
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Truly, they indeed thought Gu Ning was quite intimidating.
Was it quite possible that Gu Ning coached Song Miaoge kung fu skills for Music Miaoge to generate this kind of big progress in just a short period of time? Who had been Gu Ning? She wasn’t only efficient at struggling, she had also been very striking. Was she strong since she was superb at karate?
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“No, no, no!” Ji Wenna strongly denied, paying out no awareness to her appearance.
“Of program, I could get the responsibility,” claimed Gu Ning.
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She definitely got no sympathy for Ji Wenna, simply because it may be an act. Regardless of whether Ji Wenna really fell unconscious, Gu Ning experienced thousands of solutions to make her get out of bed.
“The Ji spouse and children plus the Rong loved ones will never help you pull off it!” Though Ji Wenna understood it was actually worthless, she still forced her chance, praying they could be scared.
“Y-You…” Ji Wenna want to say some thing, but didn’t understand what to convey, due to the fact she had already aimed to terrify these with the influence of her boyfriend’s spouse and children, which turned into useless.
However Music Miaoge was much stronger, she didn’t have a lot of helpers, when Ji Wenna had four along with her plus they were definitely all good at combating. Ji Wenna assumed only Track Miaoge could combat, so she was confident that they might get.
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Checking out Gu Ning, Melody Miaoge didn’t know what you should do now.
While Melody Miaoge was stronger, she didn’t have numerous helpers, although Ji Wenna experienced four along with her plus they had been all good at combating. Ji Wenna presumed only Piece of music Miaoge could beat, so she was positive that they might acquire.
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Listening to that, Melody Miaoge and Zhang Zikai exchanged glances with each other. They began to doubt whether Ji Wenna really fainted.
Sadly, the 2nd they bought near Gu Ning, they were all outdone by her. It occurred so quick which they didn’t even fully grasp what possessed happened. If this hadn’t been for the suffering, they could consider these folks were in a very fantasy.
Was it quite likely that Gu Ning taught Music Miaoge kung fu capabilities for Track Miaoge to produce these types of enormous advancement within a limited time? Who was Gu Ning? She wasn’t only good at dealing with, she was also very vibrant. Was she daring simply because she was fantastic at karate?
“See? You’re conscious now. Ji Wenna, you best placed on the bikini and perform the pole dance today. It’s useless irrespective of what strategies you participate in,” said Gu Ning coldly. Ji Wenna was merely an annoying clown in the view now.
The fact is that, another they have near Gu Ning, they had been all defeated by her. It occured so quickly which they didn’t even comprehend what experienced occurred. Whether it hadn’t been for your discomfort, they would imagine they were in a very dream.
Baili Zongxue was aware it the minute Ji Wenna fell, so she withstood aside holding out to determine the drama.
“I’m satanic? Never overlook it had been Ji Wenna who establish the gamble. She ought to be the wicked one here,” explained Gu Ning mockingly. These were great at enjoying the pin the blame on match!
“Let’s see what is going to come about.” Gu Ning couldn’t maintenance significantly less regarding this. “Now, do you desire to use it on all on your own, or do you really need me to assist you to? I don’t wish to see your system regardless that we’re both women. However can put up with it in order to fulfill the agreement.”
“Don’t you dare!” Ji Wenna was mad. She thought Gu Ning was too daring to damage her.
“Don’t you dare!” Ji Wenna was mad. She imagined Gu Ning was too strong to jeopardize her.
On their delight, Gu Ning was significantly more effective than they considered. She could defeat them all within just one or two moments. Apart from, they decreased highly, and also it was too distressing so that they can get back on their toes.
Chapter 1913: Ji Wenna Pretends to become Unconscious
“What if any incident happens? Is it possible to take the task?” Ji Wenna’s buddy criticized.
“You…” Ji Wenna was mad.
Gu Ning didn’t proper care, but was adamant, “No make any difference what, you will need to fulfill the deal now, usually, you can’t abandon on this page in your feet.”
“Ah!” Ji Wenna shouted in discomfort, getting up.
Saying that, Gu Ning had taken off her back pack. Then she started it and required out a package of embroidery fine needles from the bag (telepathic eye s.p.a.ce) before drawing out among them.
Ji Wenna made paler in an instant. It turned out beyond her creativeness that Gu Ning was so unbelievably good at battling.
“Stop totally wasting our time. For those who do not put it on today, I’ll directly undress you together with chuck you out in the block!” Gu Ning dropped persistence.
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“What would you like to do?” Ji Wenna’ pals were all terrified. Actually, it couldn’t be more obvious that Gu Ning would p.r.i.c.k Ji Wenna!
Seeing that, Ji Wenna’s pals were astonished. With out thoughtful about the discomfort inside their body, they jogged to her.
Ji Wenna’s friends were actually reluctant to find out her place on a bikini, therefore they dashed towards Gu Ning without delay.

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