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Chapter 1209 – The Cube Starts Again eager tightfisted
Zhou Wen and business, who have been chatting, hurriedly looked over the Cube. The scenario was still Venus, but a humanoid being came out on the screen. It floated above Venus and stared on the magma almost like it turned out looking at one thing.
Zhou Wen carefully listened to Qin Wufu’s launch. He didn’t know significantly about Venus. He acquired heard which the top temp of Venus could get to a lot more than 500°C. Even within the Mythical period, it had been hard to remain Venus for very long.
Unfortunately, he couldn’t feeling his atmosphere via the Cube. He didn’t know what kind of being he belonged to.
Also, with existing aeros.p.a.ce engineering, it wasn’t simple to get to Venus. Some teleportation skills could improve interstellar vacationing.
Quite as Zhou Wen was approximately to leave, he suddenly read an individual shout, “Someone… There’s an individual on Venus…”
“Nothing decent has ever before come from the Cube’s overall look, perfect?” Zhou Wen stated helplessly.
“It’s very likely, nevertheless i can’t be sure. The space from the Cube is simply too far. Also, the magma has blocked my eyesight. There is too little I will see,” Zhou Wen said.
Ouyang Lan remarked that Zhou Wen’s expression was odd, so she questioned, “Little Wen, did you find one thing?”
While they couldn’t check out some of their hypotheses, they can only wait around for the perfect time to pa.s.s and wait for a shadow Zhou Wen described appearing.
“Let’s go to a Cube. There’s insufficient we are able to get from a phone,” Ouyang Lan said to Zhou Wen as she went. “From Globe, Venus’s illumination is second and then the moon. In ancient times, Venus was often called Changgeng, Taibai, Qiming, Evening hours Legend, and so forth. The identity Venus arises from the West Area. Ever since it’s suddenly appearing on Cube, I speculate if it is a blessing or maybe a curse.”
An Sheng hurriedly stated, “Yes, Madam. Several astronomers have established that this earth around the Cube is undoubtedly Venus. Even so, it’s still not known why the Cube is displaying Venus.”
Soon after consuming a closer look, Zhou Wen was confident that it wasn’t a man. Although the figure appeared similar to a human being, his whole body was like gold bullion. It wasn’t in the form of armor, but his entire body was for instance a golden sculpture.
Even so, the opening up on the Cube this time was totally different from the earlier days. There had been no position. All the Cubes showed a similar world.
Ouyang Lan remarked that Zhou Wen’s manifestation was bizarre, so she questioned, “Little Wen, would you learn something?”
Zhou Wen carefully size up Venus from the Cube. As well, he utilized Fantastic Brahma’s electricity to develop his perception, trying to see some thing.
Everyone’s mood was somewhat serious. To the sizing to suddenly switch on the Cube and still have it managed on Venus, these people were definitely up to not good.
“Don’t tell me they want to use Venus as a combat field?” Zhou Wen expected.
An Sheng’s center stirred while he looked over Zhou Wen and asked, “Young Master Wen, look into the countdown. Can it be the countdown to as soon as the shadow ground?”
“Someone has recently tried, but they can’t get into the search engine rankings,” An Sheng solved.
Zhou Wen carefully scaled up Venus through the Cube. All at once, he employed Terrific Brahma’s electricity to bolster his perception, aiming to see a thing.
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Following the fantastic particular person inserted the magma, it didn’t appear all over again. Right after anticipating almost 60 minutes, there was clearly still no movement.
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Before too long, one other dragon from Traditional western stories flew in excess of and similarly emerged near the magma. Much like the great person, it quickly hurried in to the magma.
“Let’s check out a Cube. There’s too little we will get from a cell phone,” Ouyang Lan thought to Zhou Wen as she went. “From The planet, Venus’s brightness is 2nd only to the moon. In olden days, Venus was also called Changgeng, Taibai, Qiming, Evening hours Star, and so forth. The title Venus emanates from the Western side Area. Seeing that it is suddenly appearing on Cube, I question if it is a boon or a curse.”
After a pause, An Sheng pointed in a corner in the Cube’s display and mentioned, “There’s a 72-60 minutes matter in this article. We don’t know very well what its use is ideal for now. So many people are guessing.”
Zhou Wen carefully heard Qin Wufu’s introduction. He didn’t know very much about Venus. He got heard the fact that area heat of Venus could achieve over 500°C. Even in the Mythical level, it had been hard to remain Venus for too long.
Absolutely everyone looked at Zhou Wen because he pondered for just a moment before stating, “There is apparently a shadow slowly surfacing on the magma. Nevertheless, I could only view a shadow. I can’t explain to what it is.”
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Zhou Wen carefully type of up Venus over the Cube. Simultaneously, he made use of Excellent Brahma’s capability to develop his eye-sight, looking to see anything.
Nonetheless, very few men and women obtained interstellar teleportation proficiency. These people were regarded uncommon on the Federation.
“Little Zhou, we fulfill just as before.” Qin Wufu had also been there while he greeted Zhou Wen which has a smile.
Eventually, one other dragon from European legends flew in excess of and similarly appeared next to the magma. Like the great particular person, it quickly rushed in to the magma.
“Let’s search for a Cube. There’s inadequate we will assemble from a phone,” Ouyang Lan said to Zhou Wen as she went. “From Earth, Venus’s lighting is following simply to the moon. In the past, Venus was also called Changgeng, Taibai, Qiming, Night time Star, etc. The label Venus comes from the West Area. Considering that it’s suddenly showing up on Cube, I contemplate if it is a advantage or even a curse.”
An Sheng’s cardiovascular stirred as he viewed Zhou Wen and asked, “Young Expert Wen, look at the countdown. Can it be the countdown to once the shadow ground?”
“Governor Qin, what is the circumstance now?” Zhou Wen wasn’t happy to check with An Tianzuo, so he expected Qin Wufu.
As soon as the great person moved into the magma, it didn’t emerge all over again. Just after waiting for almost one hour, there were still no activity.

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